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How To Rescue YOURSELF From Becoming Poorer And Poorer In Your Old Age - Truly Rich Club's Wealth Summit 2013

Bo Sanchez Wealth Summit 2013- Wanted: SUPERHEROES OF ABUNDANCE

Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club will hold Wealth Summit 2013- Wanted: SUPERHEROES OF ABUNDANCE on March 1-2, 2013 plus a BONUS day on March 3 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Manila.

The Wealth Summit 2013 will help participants discover their hidden superpowers to create wealth for their family, church and the world. 

Bo Sanchez said that he is now a millionaire missionary.  As such, he was able to give jobs to people and to finance his various ministries.

To help participants transform their financial lives and be Superheroes of Abundance, speakers for the Wealth Summit 2013 would include members of Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. Beauty Queen and celebrity Miriam Quiambao will also share her simple winning habits in her financial journey. 

How To Rescue YOURSELF From Becoming Poorer And Poorer In Your Old Age; PLUS Learn How To Rescue Your Loved Ones From Financial Disaster. How? Be A
Superhero Of Abundance!

Can I ask you a question?
Are you terrified your money will always remain at the same level year after year after year? And as you get older, your money will shrink smaller and smaller and smaller? (Gasp!)
Are you terrified that this may be your lot in life?
Do you feel like you’re in a financial merry-go-round—borrowing money, paying your debts, and borrowing money again—on and on and on…
Do you feel STUCK—that nothing seems to be happening in your financial life? Do you feel trapped to a small income?
Do you feel like you’re never going to be rich—ever?
Do you sometimes daydream that you’ll become so rich, you can help your family members and give large amounts of money to charity and ministry? But when you get back to reality, you don’t know how to make your daydream come true?
Believe me, I know the feeling.

For 20 Years, I Lived A Life Of Poverty…
Once upon a time, I was a poor missionary. I was so poor, there were days I couldn’t even get a haircut, or eat a burger, or even ride the bus. For 20 years, I lived with a few pesos in my pocket. Yes, I was happy serving God, but there were days when I wished I had a little extra so I could give more, help more, share more.
I loved the poor. For years, I lived with them. To minister to them, I lived in a squalid slum area; and for 3 long years, I lived in the boondocks that had no water or electricity, so I could live with orphans and abandoned elderly people. I really thought that to love the poor, I had to BE poor.
But as I look back, subconsciously, it was almost like I wanted them to REMAIN poor. (I never realized this before. Just in hindsight.) Proof: I distanced myself from learning about money, learning about business, or learning about investments… I felt ALL of that was of the devil.
But every so often, I had dramatic, pivotal moments that would rock my world. That shook me to my very core.
Like that phone call I received at two in the morning. My friend called me up, saying, “Brother Bo, we’re bringing my sick baby to the hospital. Please pray for us because we have no money! I don’t know if the hospital will accept us…”
I said, “Yes, I’ll pray…”
When I put the phone down, I felt a searing pain in the pit of my stomach. Because I realized she wasn’t just asking for prayer. She was asking for money. But I had nothing. At that time, I had 55 pesos in my pocket. I felt so bad, I felt my heart was a can of Coke crushed under the tire of a truck. I said, “God, will it ALWAYS be like this my whole life? I feel so helpless.”
And in my heart, I felt God tell me, “Bo, life is a choice.”

What Are You Painting On Your Life’s Canvass?
I didn’t know what that meant. But as the years went by, I slowly understood. And the insight liberated me!
This is what God was telling me: My life is a white canvas. And God gives me an abundance of paint—thousands of colors—and hundreds of paintbrushes. And God says, “Bo, you choose what you want to paint. You choose the colors. You choose the style. You choose the genre. I just ask one thing: You paint something beautiful.”
For all my life, I realized I chose poverty. Because I thought that was what God wanted me to choose. That He wanted me to be poor.
And I realized that I could, if I wanted to, at that moment, choose abundance. It was an amazing discovery.
Slowly, I exorcised the perverted beliefs I had about money. I had to ALLOW God to prosper me so that I could prosper others.
Abundance, by its very nature, is NOT about you. It’s about others. (It’s supposed to be about others.) It’s about serving others with the Wealth that God will give you.
So is it time for you to transform your financial life today?
I didn’t say improve. I said transform.
How will this transformation happen?

Walk Through The Door Of Wealth
The doorway to abundance is specialized wisdom.
I want to help you gain it today.
Join me at the first ever TrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013—Wanted: Superheroes of Abundance. Here’s my VERY BIG question to you… Are you willing to be a Superhero of Abundance to your family? To the Church? To the world?
One day, my friend—a wealthy businessman—was gently complaining to me about his parish church. (I say “gently” because he’s not the criticizing type. He said these words out of real concern.)
He said, “Bo, almost every Sunday, my priest will stand in front of the pulpit, and will tell everyone, ‘Don’t look for money. Be content with what you have. Jesus was poor…’ And as a businessman, I’d feel very uncomfortable sitting there on the pew, because 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, all I think about is how to earn money. And every Sunday, I feel very small. But here’s the crazy thing. Whenever the church needs anything, that same priest will call me up and ask for my donations. So I gave P1M to the renovation of the church altar; another P1M to the new parish office, another P1M to repair of the roof… But every Sunday, he’ll tell everyone else in the parish to remain poor. Isn’t that odd?”
He continued, “What if I wasn’t working on earning lots of money? What if I actually followed his sermon and shun wealth? Who would donate to his church?”
This guy is what I call a Superhero of Abundance. He knows he doesn’t own his wealth. He knows God lent him His wealth for His purpose.
What if there were a lot more Catholics like him who really worked at becoming rich and gave more to God’s work?
This is now my crusade. I’m inviting you to make it your crusade as well.

Now Open:
Applications For “Superheroes of Abundance”
I’ve become a Superhero of Abundance too.
I'm still a missionary. But I’m now a millionaire missionary. My investments are growing, my businesses are growing, and I’m able to give jobs to people and finance my ministries. (For example, I can now support missionaries all over the world. The inner feeling of fulfillment is incredible.)
But here’s my biggest reward: Because I know how to make money, I’ve been able to GUIDE thousands of people grow their wealth, something I could never do before. Thank God I made the switch. Because I transformed my financial life, I was able to pass on this wisdom to my TrulyRichClub Members—and THOUSANDS will retire multimillionaires.
I ask you: Be a Superhero of Abundance!
Make the switch. Transform your financial life. So that you too can guide others to make the switch.
How? Come to the TrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013. It will be an unforgettable experience. The WEALTH SUMMIT will be on March 1 and 2, and a BONUS DAY on March 3.
You’ll be taught by 11 TrulyRichClub Speakers. You’ll also hear our Celebrity Guest Miriam Quiambao share her exciting financial journey. You’ll hear her trials, her challenges, and her successes.
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

11 Super Things That Will Happen To You At The WEALTH SUMMIT
Here is what you’ll gain at the TrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013. You’ll also find below the Superheroes of Abundance that will rescue you from the financial DANGERS around you:
  1. Explode The Invisible Financial Ceiling Over Your Head. Learn the Habits of the Happy Millionaire! Captain Abundance Bo Sanchez (Founder, TrulyRichClub) will defeat financial mediocrity in your life by helping you create patterns of financial success that all multimillionaires practice. Start a financial revolution in your life!
  1. Eradicate LACK (Never depend on your companys salary and retirement package alone!). Learn how you can create your MULTIMILLIONS by growing your money in the Stock Market“Captain Abundance Bo Sanchez (Founder, TrulyRichClub) andMillionaire Maker” Edward Lee (Founder and Chairman of the BoardCOLFinancial)will teach you how you can make it your SAFEST investment in the world.
  1. Gain Simple Habits of Abundance. Be inspired by TV and Movie Actress and former Beauty Queen WealthWoman” Miriam Quiambao who will share her exciting financial journey; Learn from her the simple winning habits and attitudes that made her abundant and how you can apply the same simple habits yourself! Youll be blessed listening to her.
  1. First things firstRemove all debt. Learn the liberating lifestyle that will get you to Zero-Debt in the quickest time possible. Learn the winning strategies of Financial Abundance from one of the most dynamic financial speakers in the country today, Money Multiplier” Rex Mendoza (CEO and President, Philam).
  1. Take your career to the next level. Move forward in your company. Get promoted.Perform your best! Learn from THE pioneer of the Call Center and BPO industry of the country, PioneerMan” Benedict Hernandez (President, Accenture) andPoverty Executioner Jon Escoto (President, LeadLifeFeast Builder, Light of Jesus).
  1. Convert Houses into Cash Cows. Find out how you can create passive income by buying foreclosed properties and turning them into money machinesDoctor RichLarry Gamboa, Ph.D. (Bestselling Author, Think Rich Pinoy) and “Megabucks ManRandy Manaloto (Founder and President, CityDorms Corp) will share the simplesystems they use to make money in real estate.
  1. Turn your computer into an ATM. Find out how you can earn MONEY through anviable internet businessMoney Magneto” Jomar Hilario (Internet Marketing Guru) and “Doctor Rich Larry GamboaPh.d (Author, Think Rich Pinoywill teach youhow you can become a highly-paid infropreneur.
  1. Earn Dollars While Working from Home. Learn how to become a dollar-earningVirtual Assistant. “Money Magneto Jomar Hilario (Internet Marketing Guru) will share how you can do this and the steps necessary to make this dream job happen.
  1. Start your own money-making business. Absorb the Entrepreneurs mindset needed for you to launch your very own profitable enterprise. Learn from thedistinguished Asian Institute of Management Professor who runs 8 successful businesses, Professor $ Dean Pax Lapid(He starts one business a year.)Teaching with him is another serial entrepreneur, Magic Man Ronnie Siasoyco(Founder, Trion—the biggest producer of electric meters in the country today).
  1. Enjoy And Have Super Fun. This isnt your staid, melancholic, boring conference inside a room. Youll have so much fun with this exciting speakers and exciting crowd! It will be out of this world; You’ve got to experience it to FEEL it.
  1. Receive an Anointing for Abundance. Captain Abundance himself, Bo Sanchez,will lead you into a special prayer for Gods abundance to flow into your life. So that you can be a channel of Gods abundance to this hungry world.
NOTE: More Special Surprise “Superheroes of Abundance” will appear during theTrulyRichClub WEALTH SUMMIT 2013! Real businesses will be showcased as examples for YOU to follow and imitate. You’ll find other sightings of Superheroes of Abundance walking around the WEALTH SUMMIT, dishing out magic advice and nuggets of wisdom: “Bridge Builder” Junie Torreja, “Doctor Wallet” Joen de las Penas“Wealth Maker” Noel Arrandilla, , “Titan Tither” Rolly and Donna Espana, “Debt Destroyer” Fely and Benj Santiago, “Prosperity Man” Lyndon Malanog, and “Super Genius” Paolo Abadesco. You will also see Titanium InnerCircle Members and Platinum WealthCircleMembers who will be mingling in the crowd. All of them Superheroes of Abundance; Most will be disguising their secret identity. In between sessions, grab them, pick their brains, network with them, and get infected by their passion and energy.

How Much Will The WEALTH SUMMIT Cost?
Obviously, you know that an event of this magnitude—with this massive input—won’t be too cheap. This 2-Day WEALTH SUMMIT will be held on March 1 and 2 is P19,975.
However, because we’re doing this for the very first time, we’re offering it to you at a discounted rate of P14,975 only until January 31, 2012. (You save P9,000.00!) This is a HUGE STEAL when you think of the incredible wealth of wisdom you’ll receive in this event.
But wait. Here’s an even BETTER NEWS: If you’re one of the next 100 people to register, you get your entrance ticket at a SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE of P10,975 ONLYOR Two Monthly Payments of P5975 ONLY for the two-day WEALTH SUMMIT 2013. This is an unbelievable “insane” price that you should take advantage of.

Do you want to be a Highly Paid Wisdom-Giver?
Do you want to be a Bestselling Author,
Successful Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Coach?
If you want to join the small group who will attend the BONUS DAY on March 3, Bo Sanchez will discuss How To Become A Highly Paid Wisdom Giver. If you want to become a Bestselling Author, Successful Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Coach, this day is especially designed especially for you.
Your learning investment for the BONUS DAY is an additional P3975 ONLY.

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