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5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Philippines Stock Market

Let's talk about other source on information in terms of investing in the Philippines Stock market and other money matters. Let's me introduce you Pesos and Sense. It is one of the program I used to watch during the time they still on GMA NewsTV Channel 11. Since I am a follower of Mr. Aya Laraya's advocacy on financial literacy, I also want to share you what he teaches in terms of investing. Luckily we have the social media like YouTube. I checked and I saw that all of their episodes are uploaded in their YouTube channel: PesosAndSense
If you don't know PESOS AND SENSE, it is an educational company that covers a wide range of personal finance and investment topics that typically intimidates the average Filipino: the stock market, mutual funds, insurance, budgeting and debt management etc.  Their goal is to empower Filipinos by teaching simple and practical knowledge in making independent and wise choices in handling their money.

I hopped into their website and saw this topic: 5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market. Please read below. You will also learn from this.

"It’s all over the news – the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Index is reaching all-time high levels almost every day. A common Filipino may think, “I’m not interested. I’m not part of it anyway.” But wait! You can be part of it, take advantage of its growth, and make money as well. The answer is simple–INVEST in the stock market! 

Understanding the Stock Market

For PLDT to install more phone lines and for Jollibee to build more branches, they need capital to support these projects. Believe it or not, they need it from you!

To generate funds, these companies sell ownership or stocks to the public. Therefore, when you buy stocks, you become a part-owner of the company. 

5 Easy Steps to Start Investing in the Stock Market
  1. Invest in knowledge – As we always remind everyone, “Aral muna bago invest.” Take time to study by watching our past episodes, attending seminars, and reading books. Research. Understand how it works and decide whether the stock market would best fit your purpose.
  2. Choose a stockbroker – You need a stockbroker to facilitate all your transactions in the market. You may choose from traditional or online stockbrokers licensed by the PSE. If you did your research, you’ll know which broker will be best for you.
  3. Open an account – Opening an account with a stockbroker is as easy as opening a bank account. You just have to fill out the necessary forms, submit the required documents and fund your account.
  4. Place an order– Once you’ve chosen a company, it’s time to buy! Just contact your stockbroker to facilitate your purchase. The amount you’re willing to invest depends on you.
  5. Monitor your investments – Keep yourself informed about the stocks you bought. It’s wise to research online or read the business section of the newspaper to see if the company is doing well or not."

Interested in Stock investing in the Philippines?


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