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Some TrulyRichClub Members Already Earn P10,000 to P20,000 Every Month!

Just yesterday, I received an email from admin of The Truly Rich Club saying that "Some TrulyRichClub Members Already Earn P10,000 to P20,000 Every Month!" 

Wow! It really amazed me. I haven't reached that level yet, but I think that is very doable. 

In the beginning of this year 2013, The TrulyRichClub started a Super Affiliate contest. You will notice that from the image below. 

This two-month contest is still running up to now, it started last January and will end last day of February. That will be prior the Truly Rich Club Wealth Summit that will happen on March 1-3 in PICC.  

As you may noticed, weekly winner got P5000 cash plus autographed book from TRC.  You can also read the mechanics below.

Below is the actual email I received from TRC:


Hi Red,
We have a weekly winner: ********** gets P5000 cash plus an autographed bookfrom us. ******* won because he recruited 9 people to join the TrulyRichClublast week.  Congratulations!
But those prizes aren’t the REAL financial prizes.  Because someTrulyRichClub members already get P10,000 to P20,000 EVERY MONTH from theiraffiliate commissions.  Isn’t that amazing?  (And we URGE all Affiliatesnot to spend their money but to put it into the Stock Market to multiply iteven more!)
You can earn that amount too.
Even an additional P3000 or P4000 or P5000 every month will be a nicetreat, right?  At least, you have MORE to put into your Stock Marketinvestments.
Keep sharing your happy experience in the TrulyRichClub to your friendsthrough email, FB, texts, and face-to-face sharing.

God bless!
Tina Galvez and Pinkie Victoria


Let me share you the mechanics of the contest, HERE:

Win Cool Prizes And Help Lots of People At The Same Time!
Join The “I’m A Super Affiliate”
TrulyRichClub Contest
Duration: From January 1 to February 28, 2013

This is Tina Galvez and Pinkie Victoria.
Were Bos sisters, helping him manage the TrulyRichClub. We used to annoy Bo when he was small, ordering him around and telling him what to do. Now, hes our boss and he tells us what to do. Such is life.
Kidding aside, were really happy serving you.
Bo instructed us to create a Super Affiliate Contest, to help you earn more monthly commissions.
So here it is: On January 1, were launching the Im a Super Affiliate ” contest. Do you want to win some really cool prizes, have big FUN, and help LOTS OF PEOPLE at the same time?
Heres how: Recruit as many people as you can to the TrulyRichClub and help them change their financial life. Not only will you earn the regular 20% commission (Yes, you get 20% commission from every personsmembership fees every single month as long as he stays a member), youll also receive other fantastic prizes!
There are two categories of prizes: Super Affiliate Prizes and Every body Wins Prizes.
And youre eligible to win in BOTH categories

Category One:“Super Affiliate Prizes

These are our Major prizes. Whoever has the biggest sales in a week, in a month, and during the entire contest, wins a very special prize. And gets to be called Super Affiliates! Remember that Cash Prizes are ON TOP of the usual commissions youll receive
  • 8 Weekly Winners: Cash Prize of P5000 PLUS an autographed copy of Take Charge, Give All, by Bo Sanchez
  • 2 Monthly Winners (Jan & Feb): Cash Prize of P10,000 PLUS an iPod Shuffle
  • 1 Over-all Contest Winner: Cash Prize of P20,000 each PLUS an iPad Mini
NOTE: You can only be a Weekly Winner once (to give others a chance to win too); After which, youll be vying for the Monthly Winner; You can only be a Monthly Winner once, after which, youll be vying for the Contest Winner.

Category Two:“Everybody Wins Prizes

In this category, you dont have to be number one in sales; Just recruit a certain number of members during the contest, and you win these great prizes:
  • Recruit 25 new club membersyou get a free ticket at the Wealth Summit 2013 (Full Value: P19,975)
  • Recruit 10 new club membersyou get an autographed copy of Bos newest book for 2013.
Remember What Youll Get AFTER The Contest!

The prizes you see above are just to make things exciting.
But the biggest financial prize is really the monthly commission youll be getting during the Contest and AFTER the Contest.
Just to give you some figures: If youre able to recruit just 50 Gold members (Philippine), youll be earning P4500 every single month (minus taxes). That may be small to some of you, but thats entirely passive income.There are a number of very happy TrulyRichClub members who are receiving more than this amount each monthand theyre very happy. (NOTE: If youre able to recruit SuperGold members and International members, your commissions will be much higher.)

If you want to Join the Contest, IT'S NOT TOO LATE, you can still join. 

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