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Truly Rich Club Bo Sanchez Stocks BUY Alert - February 18, 2013 [Philippine Stocks Update]

As of this writing, February 18, 2013, I got another stock recommendation from Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club. Another BUY alert for this month of February. The second recommended company for this month and as I can recall the fourth recommended company as of January 2013.

So excited. This year, it's going to be an exciting upshot in stock market investing here in the Philippines. Crossing my fingers, but no doubts about these stock investing strategies since we're under the wings and guidance of  experts and stocks analysts and financial mentors.  

Allow me to share you this glimpses on StockUpdate Buy Alert from Truly Rich Club. Again for the sake of confidentiality, some information were omitted (...na naman?! :)). Well, the mystery will reveal once you become part of the club. I suggest you try going inside the club, now. This time, let's call this company NEMO. (just for fun)

************** Email Sent: February 18, 2012 ************** 

StocksUpdate: Buy Alert: ______

Hi Red,

We’re bringing back NEMO  into our SAM list of
recommended Stocks.  We sold it some time ago with a nice profit, and we
bought other Stocks with the proceeds (that also earned us a second

But now, its time to go back to NEMO because things are looking up for this
company.  Target Price is P26.35  Buy Below Price is P21.08

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS.  My hope is that there’ll be two more companies that we will be
recommending very soon.  These are “balikbayan” companies that were once in
our list before…  Watch for them.

************** End of Email**************

Let me share you this roller coaster story ride of NEMO, panic time and harvesting time.

This particular company NEMO as you have noticed is the second time being recommended to all members of TrulyRichClub. Last February 7, 2012, is the first BUY alert we received. The stock value of this particular company is just P12.48 during that time (you can check the image below).

SELL alert was issued when it hits close to the target selling price of P17.00. To all followers of TrulyRichClub, that's a whooping double digit percentage increase. 

There were times that this particular company dived for more than 20% negative  (that's a PANIC time for many stockholders, I think that was during the third week of May 2012 ). As stated it goes up again to the roof. Lucky for those who still holding this up to this time. 

But since we're kinda conservative and Truly Rich Club is not recommending to be GREEDY in terms of expecting positive return, if it's time to sell, then sell. Well, the return is not bad at all. But now, it being recommended again, now with higher target selling price P26.35 compare to just P17 last 2012. 

For visual presentation, I captured a one-year trend from bloomberg.com. Check the "BUY ALERT" and "SELL ALERT" for NEMO below. You can also see the "panic time", somewhere May of 2012. Next to this trend is the holding time table from the Truly Rich Club monthly report. 

I am showing you the sample emails we got from Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club. In this series of emails (February 07, 2012 and December 04, 2012) the same company were mentioned here.

************** Email Sent: February 07, 2012 ************** 

Hi Red,

      We’re going to do it today.

      I finished talking with my Mentor and we’ve agreed to launch it
today: An expanded SAM’s Recommended List of Stocks.

      I’m excited!

      My Mentor and I both agree that at this particular point when we’re
facing a booming Stock Market, it will help for you to have more fantastic
companies to invest in.

      From 6 companies, we’re adding 4 more.  Here is our new expanded
SAM, combining the old and the new (drumroll please)…

      Current SAM Stocks:   Target Price

      ______________ P21.65
      ______________ P37.06
      ______________ P109.20
      ______________ P8.36
      ______________ P107.16
      ______________ P108.00

      New SAM Stocks:

      ______________ P80
      ______________   P35
      ______________  P26.20 (upgraded soon!)
     ___NEMO  ____  P20

      That brings our SAM to 10 Stocks.

      Out of the 4 new Stocks, BPI isn’t really new.  We already
recommended it as an “extra” Stock last November.  (If you bought BPI at
that time, you’re already up by 25.67% today.)

      Mike Vinas will be discussing more about these new recommendations
next week in our regular Stocks Update eReport.

      But you can start buying them already.

      Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


************** Email Sent: May 21, 2012 **************

Stock Alert: Nothing Is Wrong With ___________ (Panic Time?????)


Don’t panic by the BIG negative you see in your NEMO  
stocks.  (Mine says I’m negative 21%!)

You see, NEMO  came out with a 25% Stock Dividend.  (That’s a good thing in
the long term, believe me.)  Its price was already adjusted today, but your
new shares will be credited on your portfolios by June.

So everything will be alright by June.   Kick back, drink your fresh coco
juice, and relax.

Mike Vinas will talk more about it this Friday’s issue of Stocks Update.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

************** Email Sent: December 04, 2012 **************


Sell Alert: Sell NEMO  
Buy Alert: Buy ______

______ has already reached our old Price Target.

It’s time to sell.  Just like when we sold BPI last week, we earned quite a
lot also from NEMO  (Yabadabadoo!).   Important: If NEMO   goes up AFTER you
sell, don’t think about it.  You’ve earned already.  Move on.

When you sell NEMO   , hold the cash, divide into 6 parts, and invest one part
for the next 6 months.  It’s not the season to put huge amounts of money in
the Stock Market.  Buy slowly.

What can you buy?  Aside from the three remaining SAM stocks that you can
still buy, you can now buy ______________. (______ ).

Yes, we’re including ______ in our list of SAM Stocks.

Just want to remind you: This is a long-term buy.  We’re going to invest
into this company for many months…

Our “Tentative” Target Price for ______ is P6.35.  Our “Tentative”
Buy-Below-Price is P5.60.  We’ll be updating this very soon and send you
more information in another email.

Please know that we still believe that there may be a slight DIP in the
Stock Market the coming weeks, because we’re booming here and the prices of
most of our Philippine stocks are very expensive already vis-à-vis the
stocks in the US which have become so cheap.  So it’s possible that some
global fund managers will transfer their money from the Philippines back to
the US.

So if you follow my advice and buy ______ , but see it go down soon, don’t be
bothered by your loss.  Next month, buy again.  And again.  And again. This
is SAM or Strategic Averaging Method.   We keep buying each month.  Just
look at your tentative Target Price (P6.35) and believe that it will go
there in due time.

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

Here's another notice included on the Stock Update about this particular stock:

SELL NEMO   – December 4, 2012 
Just like BPI,   NEMO,   as also hit its Target Price of P17. Thus, Bro. Bo came out with a 
SELL NEMO   alert as well. For those who were able to sell, good! Your investment and 
patience have been rewarded! If you were unable to sell at that time, you may choose to 
continue to either hold NEMO   and wait for it to go back up to P17 and then sell, OR you 
may take your profits and sell now and use the money you’ll get from the sale (divide them 
into six parts) and buy our other SAM Stocks that are still below their Buy Below Price. 


Thanks to The Truly Rich Club, this Philippine Stock Market and Financial Abundance Private Mentoring Club is truly a great help for Filipinos. Join now.



  1. I wonder why they did not bring back "NEMO" when COL adjusted its target price to 21 last Jan 11. Nothing's wrong with with NEMO at that time, and was selling at 16.xx/sh. (TRC only prompted a sell because it hit the target price at 17).

    It took them a long time before they brought it back to SAM - when the new target was already adjusted to 26.35 last feb19.

    I emailed TRC about it, but I did not get a reply :( Though I'm happy I bought it back after the FV adjustment last January.

    1. Thanks Carlo, for your comment about "NEMO", haha!.
      So you know "NEMO" too, ha? Great! :)

      I think that's how SAM works, it's not really similar on how we can see it from COL's recommendations...or maybe... SAM is still finding "NEMO" last January. Kidding :)

      I just wanna share that "NEMO" was one of the 16 recommended companies during the time of EIP and Super EIP method, when Bro Bo recommended the SAM, the EIP list has been overhauled, that was May 2011. For desparity reason from 16 companies, it became 5 and "NEMO" is no longer part of these favorite 5 stocks, as initial recommended companies. In fact, it's actually his (NEMO) third cycle na pala from the time I started TRC, and 2nd cycle from SAM.

      No worries Bro! As Bro Bo would always mentioned on every Truly Rich Club Stocks Update...

      "Happy investing!"

      May your dreams come true,
      Red @ Truly Rich Club

    2. Haha yes, I know nemo! :) LOL! More power to you bro! And thanks for dropping by at my blog :)

    3. Same here, Carlo. Thanks for posting your comments in my blog. Keep posting. Thanks and God bless.

  2. Hi, readers! =)
    You can check Philippine Stock Exchange's Market Education website: www.pseacademy.com.ph to learn more about investing in the Philippine stock market. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Lara for sharing this info... same is true about Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club They also provide layman's term easy to follow instructions and update about Philippine Stock Exchange's Market.


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