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Who Else Wants an Extra P8,352.49 Every Month? [From Truly Rich Club Passive Income]

Are you looking for a Truly Rich Club Review? This is what you're looking for. I cannot hide you this success story. As a member of the Truly Rich Club, one of the benefits is that, you can share this mentoring club to others and while doing that, eventually you will also receive an affiliate income or passive income

[This is very optional, it's up to you if you want to do this. As I mentioned, this is ONLY one of the many benefits of being part of the group]
Here's a sample email that you will get once you've got an affiliate sale from promoting Bo Sanchez mentoring group
************** Sample: Affiliate Sale **************

** Affiliate Sale

Dear Red,


New sale has been made by your affiliate link and
commission credited to your balance. You may find
sale details below:

Payment REF: 259059
Total:       1997.00
Product ordered: Diamond EntrepCircle - Philippines
Your commission: 399.4

This is our desire for you--that you continue to be blessed so that you can share more blessings to others.

Keep inviting others to the TrulyRichClub.

To know how much you've earned, follow the steps below:

1) go to http://trulyrichclub.com
2) click MEMBERS ONLY LINK (upper right)
3) login

Once your earnings reach P5000, we'll send you your check by mail.

Once again, thank you for your partnership.

Keep sharing the blessings of the TrulyRichClub!

Here are some tips:

1. Keep emailing your friends.  Put your affiliate link.
    Research show that it takes 8 exposures to a message before 80% of the readers do something about the message. Each time you email, write various short stories of how you benefit from the TrulyRichClub.

2. Put your affiliate link on your facebook, twitter, and other social networks.  Put it also on your blog and/or website.

God bless you,

Pinkie Victoria


************** End of Email **************

Let me share you story of Michael, also a Truly Rich Club Member, he's also one of the top super affiliate on the "I Am A Super Affiliate Contest" . He is now earning P8,352.49 a month as a result of promoting this private mentoring group. 

Now, he can use this money to invest and to add more on his stocks portfolio. I also mentioned on previous post that, Some TrulyRichClub Members Already Earn P10,000 to P20,000 Every Month! 

Review this email below from TRC admin about the story of Michael who's 
now earning P8,352.49 a month....

************** Email from TRC: February 18, 2012 ************** 
Hi Red,

TrulyRichClub Gold Member Michael earns this EVERY month from his affiliate commissions.

Take note: 100% of TrulyRichClub Members grow their money via the Stock Market.  And they’re VERY happy.

But only around 12% of Members actually earn via affiliate commissions—because they’re the only ones who SERIOUSLY recruit friends to the Club on a REGULAR basis.

That was why we launched a 2-month "I Am A Super Affiliate Contest"—to encourage YOU to join that 12%.  From January to February, we have (1) weekly, (2) monthly, and (3) over-all Winners.

By the way, our weekly winner for last week is ______________.  He wins our cash prize of P5000 plus Bo’s autographed book.

But like we always say, this is just icing in the cake—just to make it fun.  The real cake is your MONTHLY affiliate commissions.

Like Michael, who earns P8,352.49 a month.

You can earn that amount too.  Even an additional P3000 every month will be a nice treat, right?  At the very least, you have MORE to put into your Stock Market investments.

Keep sharing your happy experience in the TrulyRichClub to your friends through email, FB, texts, and face-to-face sharing.

God bless!

Tina Galvez and Pinkie Victoria

PS.  Here’s a little review of the three ways to invite people to the

But below you do this, be part of the club muna....


Write a list of friends who you believe will benefit from the financial education, personal guidance, and inspiration of the TrulyRichClub.  Next: Tell them you’re personal story and testimony.  Share your own experience—on how the TrulyRichClub impacted your life.  The more moving and personal the story, the more you’ll move them to join.

Here’s a Sample you can copy:

Hi Jenny,

This is Tina.  I don’t think I mentioned this to you before, but last year, I joined the TrulyRichClub.  It was one of the best decisions of my life. Founded by Bo Sanchez, its purpose is “helping good people become rich”. Because of the guidance I get from the Club, I’m now investing in the Stock Market each month!  Shocking, right?  But it’s amazing how I’m personally growing in my finances.  I’m inviting you to join the Club too.  If you’re interest, click the link below.  Listen to Bo explain what it is all about.  And email me if you have any questions.

God bless,

Don’t just email or text your friends once.  Email and text the same people repeatedly (perhaps once or twice a week), telling them different parts of your story.  Many times, people are busy.  They may like the idea you’re presenting, but if they don’t act on it right away, they’ll forget about
you.  So you need to email again.


Post different stories.  Make it sound YOU.  Here are three examples… 

Day 1: Gosh, I now know how to invest in the Stock Market!  Can you imagine? Me investing in the Stock Market?  Wow, miracles happen.  Warning: It’s very dangerous to get into it without guidance.  I suggest you join the TrulyRichClub because they offer wonderful guidance.  They really helped me!  For more information, click the link below…

Day 2: For the first time in my life, I’m growing my money for my future. Naks.  It’s a big change for me.  I hope you also grow your money for your future.  If you need help, I suggest that you join Bo Sanchez’ TrulyRichClub because they’re incredible in teaching and guiding people how
to invest for the future.  For more details, click the link below…

Day 3: I don’t spend as much on stuff anymore, Haha!  I was a Gastadora before.  Well, not anymore.  Instead, I’m addicted to investing.  What happened to me?  It all started when I joined the TrulyRichClub of Bo Sanchez.  That guy really changed my life in more ways than one.  If you
want the same life-changing experience, I suggest you check it out.  To know more about it, click the link below…


Tell officemates, neighbors, gym mates, classmates, and anyone who needs to shape up their financial life.

Always tell your story.  Here’s a Sales Motto: Facts tell but stories sell.  Your testimony is your most important tool.

When they agree to check out the TrulyRichClub, get their email so that you can email to them your affiliate link (that’s how we track commissions). You can be up front about it and say, “I’m going to earn a very tiny something from this, that’s why you should use my affiliate link.  The
moment you join, you’re automatically an affiliate too and can you can earn

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