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Truly Rich Club Stock Recommendation BUY Alert - March 27 2013

This kind of stock update is part of the TrulyRichClub benefits number 11, Being a member, you will not only get a regular stocks update but also an update similar to this one, Stock BUY alert or Stock SELL alert. This alert message is from the TRC team of experts.
Here's what Bo Sanchez mention about this benefit: 

"Big Blessing #11: 
Each, Month, You'll Receive My "Stocks Update".  Also, Absolutely FREE!

In my Stocks Update, I'll tell you how I invest

Here’s another thing I’ll do for you.

Each month, I’ll send you a very short “Stocks Update”. I’ll tell you what companies I’m investing in and how they’re doing. 

Why will I give this “Stocks Update” monthly report? To give you guidance and inspiration.

Especially when there’s a crisis, my “Stocks Update” will be crucial. It will prevent you from selling your Stocks because of your panic—and lose your money. And it will encourage you to do the very opposite—buy great companies when the prices are very low.

In one single page, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about your Stock investments.

I’ll remind you to invest each month. I’ll urge you, push you, beg you to be faithful to your monthly investments.

I’ll tell you when its time to sell the Stocks I wrote about in my Ebook above.

I’ll tell you the new undervalued Stocks that you can buy.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing with my own Stocks.

I promise: In plain, simple English. No financial jargon you won’t understand."

Below is an example is Stock BUY alert from Truly Rich Club:

Hi Red, 
Buy Alert: ____ 
We're coming out with a BUY signal for ______ _____ Company, Inc. (____). 
We like ____ because of its excellent track record and for its expansion
outside the East Zone of Metro Manila that is gaining momentum. 
I’ll talk more about this in our upcoming issue of Stocks Update. 
As I write this, ____ is doing 38.35 per share.Our Target Price is P44, while our Buy Below Price is P38.26. 
SAM’s accumulating one good company after the other! 
Happy Investing!

Greater things,
Mike Vinas

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The TrulyRichClub is an online private membership group founded by Bo Sanchez. It’s called “Truly Rich” because the subscribers are taught not only to be financially free and wealthy, but also how to be blessed in ALL areas of life: whether in the relationships, career, spirituality, health, and of course in financial life.

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