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COL Financial Thinks Now Is The Time To Invest In The Philippines Stock Market

I read this Stock Market Philippines related report from GMA Business News. What will happen in the Philippines stock market three years from now? According to some stocks analyst, it's possible that we will hit the 10,000 mark within three years. 
That's a promising statement but if that will happen in three years time, that will be the time where we can separate the boys from the men, the-truly-rich and learned-investors vs purely expectators.  

10,000 is not too far from 7000. Below is the Philippines Stock Exchange PSEi Index as of April 30, 2013. Let's see that will happen in three years time.

Here's some excerpts from Stock Market Philippines related report from GMA Business News:

“The market has done very well in the past three years... Now is the time to invest... the country is entering  a golden period,” president and chief operating officer Conrado Bate told reporters in a briefing, saying, “The sentiment in business and government is at an all-time high.” 
COL Financial expects the bellwether PSE index to hit 7,400 this year, up from last year's 5,812.73 finish. 
The PSEi could reach the 10,000 mark within three years, it said.
'Financial wellness'
Bate noted that Filipinos should “start to save and invest your money and that will lead to financial wellness.”
Comparing the trend of rising investments in the local bourse to mobile phones, Bate noted, “Before, mobile phones wasn't a necessity, and now it is. Now, investing in stocks isn't but soon it will be, because of the need to fight off inflation.”
“I'm not saying that you should put all your money into the stock market. But make sure you allocate a portion of it to maximize returns,” he added.
In putting money into the stock exchange, Bate said "… look at sound companies like blue chip ones that can withstand an economic slowdown given their strong financials, noting this approach reflects “the right discipline” in investing.
“There's no point trying to get... or hitting the jackpot in a hurry,”  he said.
Bate prescribed to go for the long-haul as “short-term gains aren't really as robust as before... and be ready to put your money there for three to five years.” Bate added. — VS, GMA News

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