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Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop [Money-Back Guarantee Plus P1000]

This is an invitation from my mentor Bo Sanchez of Truly Rich ClubAre you interested to be your own boss? Dreaming of being an entrepreneur? This is your chance. For limited slots only. 

The workshop schedule will be on April 27 & May 4 (Saturdays), 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Pasig City (beside ULTRA). 

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Do you want more money for your family and God’s work?
       Do you want to create many income streams—and not just depend on your job?
       Do you want to “fire” your company and own your time?
       Do you want to start your own business?
       This may be the answer to your prayers…
My Desire For You: Financial Freedom
I’ve been blessed.
       After 12 years of being an entrepreneur, my small businesses are very successful.
       Oh believe me, it wasn’t like that when I started.
       In fact, I failed in 8 businesses—and I lost lots of money, lots of time, and lots of pride.  I was a big failure!
       But after all those hard lessons, I’m now a successful entrepreneur.  I’ve run 12 businesses.  I’m now able to finance many of the ministries that I run.  Oh, the joy of doing that!
       Here’s Good News for you: You don’t have to go through 8 business failures to learn what I learned and become a successful entrepreneur.  (I’ve learned that the best lessons come from other people’s failures—because they’re less painful and less expensive!)
   Today, you could shortcut the process by learning from other successful entrepreneurs who can walk beside you and tell you where the landmines are.
       Deep in my heart, I’ve always had this burden that Filipinos embrace entrepreneurship—and become truly rich.
I asked myself: Can I guide budding entrepreneurs so that they don’t make the same mistakes I made?
That was my goal.
But I had a problem…
I Searched A Teacher Wiser Than Me
Let me be very honest with you: I canteach a lot of things about entrepreneurship.  But not everything.
I know my limits.
I felt I needed someone who can teach EVERYTHINGthere is to know about entrepreneurship.
So I prayed to God for a wise teacher for you.
That was when I bumped into “The Dean” Pax Lapid.
We were speaking at the same event.  (We spoke to 10,000 people.)  We met up, asked each other to sign our own books, and talked like old friends.
From here on end, I’ll refer to him as “The Dean”.  (When I look back into my life, God’s greatest blessings to me are always the great people who walk into my life.)
His credentials are sterling.  He is a successful entrepreneur, a Dean in Entrepreneurs School of Asia,and a Professor of Asian Institute of Management(AIM).  And for years now, he’s supported Joey Concepcion in making the GoNegosyo movement grow all over the country and the world.
And immediately, I knew I found my teacher.
       As the months went by, I discussed with The Dean if he could give a unique Workshop for people who are thinking of starting their own businesses.
I repeat: That’s my dream for you.
To help you start your own business.
To become your own boss.
To create your own income.
So far, I’ve helped thousands of Filipinos become Investors. 
But I want to go one step higher: I want to help YOU become a successful Entrepreneur.
You’re Not Going To Just Get A Seminar
Seminars with a lot of talk are good but not enough. 
Instead, The Dean will give a hands-on, nitty-gritty, feet-on-the-ground, roll-up-your-sleeves, “actionable” powerful Entrepreneurs Workshop.
Here’s what’s different: It’ll be all about YOU.
You’ll come in the Workshop with 3 of your best business ideas—and we’ll test them.  What will work?  What idea will fly?  What product will meet a need and create wealth for you?
Next: You’ll learn how to create a plan and have a model for your business within the next 7 days!
Yes, that FAST.
Why does it have to be fast? 
Here’s a fact.  The biggest problem of would-be entrepreneurs is not the lack of ideas.  They’ve got great ideas.  Their problem is that they don’t have a bias for action.  They like tinkering, thinking, planning—but they don’t launch.
Through this Workshop, you can avoid that.
Here’s what will happen to you when you get into the Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop…
10 Things You’ll Gain From
The Truly RichEntrepreneurs Workshop
       Let me explain this point again.
       The Dean will ask you to bring with you 3 of your brightest business ideas into the Workshop.  And from there, he’ll help you test it and see if it’s something that can fly and survive the real world.  Some business ideas are born duds.  Some business ideas are born winners.  The Dean will help you see the difference.
       And throughout the first day, he’ll guide you on how to put “flesh” to your winning business idea…
1.       You’ll learn strategies how to test your business opportunities—to see if they’re a winner or not.
2.       You’ll learn how to spot problems of your potential business—and save yourself lost money and lost time.
3.       You’ll define the “promise” behind your product.  (A lot of entrepreneurs never define this and thus never grow their business.)
4.       You’ll create a clear and focused execution ofhow to deliver that promise. This plan will give you direction.
5.       You’ll get guidance on how to call your product in a way that customers can grasp in a snap, giving your product automatic recognition.
6.       You’ll spot the possible markets that you can serve with your product.
7.       You’ll learn how to solve customer problems and meet their needs better than your competitors.
8.       You’ll learn how to calculate profit vis-à-vis your product costs and market sales.
9.       You’ll learn how to create a simple business plan—not just for “show”—but a real honest-to-goodness plan that will guide you in your day-to-day business journey.
10.   And now the best part: After 7 Days, applying all that you have learned, you can “launch” a “model” of your business (or product) before a panel of judges. (Note: Only if you’re ready.  Obviously, we won’t force you to do this if you’re not ready.)
Only Serious Students Please!
       Sorry, but The Dean doesn’t want to waste his time.
The Dean will only accept very serious people who really, truly, passionately, want to start a business.  No tire-kickers.  No dreamers-without-action.
       In fact, he’s putting 3 obstacles—so you’ll prove to him if you really are worthy to be one of the students of the Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop.
1.The Workshop will involve Hard Work.
You’ll be with The Dean for two Saturdays.  But between those two Saturdays, you’ll be thinking about your product or service.  That week will involve a lot of frenzied planning that may mean a few sleepless nights.  But that’s the only way to start a new business.
2.The Workshop Costs Money
Other business seminars cost P50,000.  (Google to find out.)  And worse, you go home with lots of notes in your notebook.  (Notes you’ll forget after 2 days.)  And nothing else! 
But in the Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop, you’ll go home with a real plan with a real product that YOU created. 
Good news: Dean’s Workshop won’t cost you P50,000.  Yes, it will still cost you, but not that much.  Why?  We won’t hold it in a classy hotel.  (You don’t need a chandelier above your head to start a business.)
3.The Workshop Is For A Limited Group Only
The Dean will only accept 49 students for theEntrepreneurs Workshop.  So he and his team of coaches can give their full attention to you.  When we reach 49, we close the doors.
As I said, similar seminars like this cost P50,000 per person. But because we want to help a lot of people start their businesses, your learning investment is P12,975 only. 
 “Big Smile On Your Face”
Or Your Money-Back Guarantee
Plus P1000 For Your Lost Time
       I don’t know of anyone else who does this.
       No one is as crazy as I am.
       Here’s my Guarantee: Even 12 months after the Workshop, you realized you didn’t gain anything from it, all you have to do is call or email—and we’ll give back every peso you paid for the Workshop.  Not only that, we’ll even add P1000 as an “apology” for your lost time.  No questions asked.
       Why do I do this? 
Because I believe in The Dean.
       I know that every student will go home with a big smile on their faces, because they’ve got a business dream in their hands.
See you there! Truly Rich Entrepreneurs Workshop, April 27 & May 4 (Saturdays), 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Pasig City (beside ULTRA).
To sign up, CLICK HERE.
May your dreams come true,
          Bo Sanchez


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