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Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) Breaks The 7,300 Mark, The 30th Record High This 2013.

We hit another new record, breaking the previous Philippines Stock Exchange Index record just last Friday. From 7,262.38 last May 10, 2013, now crested to a new record, hitting the 7300 barrier.

So... what can you say about that? Honestly, because of this bullish-positive-market trend, some investors cannot buy stocks anymore. They say it's so expensive. They say... they cannot select any good and deserving companies anymore because, they're running out of companies to buy. I really thank Bro Bo for putting up his Truly Rich Club, in this kind of situation we will no longer guess what companies to buy. That's one of the many benefits of being a member of the Truly Rich Club. 

Here.... I also wanna share you the message I got from the Truly Rich Club. This is another Stock Market Update Buy Alert. Please read:
Hi Red, 
The Stock Market is sooooooo bullish, we have a big problem: We're running
out of companies to buy. 
Thankfully, our "very strict" and "very conservative" Mentor has okayed _,_,_ and _,_,_ for our purchase. 
You can buy _,_,_ until it reaches our Buy-Below-Price of P_,_,_. 
You can buy _,_,_ until it reaches our Buy-Below-Price of P_,_,_

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Now, for the news about the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) Breaks The 7,300 Mark, The 30th Record High This 2013, here's a latest update from rappler.com. Please also read.

Day after polls, PSEi breaks 7,300 barrier

"On the first trading after the polls, PSEi breached the 7,300 level closing at 7,313.49, up 0.7% or 50.84 points with an intraday peak at 7,349.95.
This marks the 30th record high for the index this 2013." - Rappler.com

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  1. This one is good news for those stock market enthusiasts like me, I think I will be able to trade some of Philippine Stocks on my binary trading. I will check on 24option review http://www.our24optionreview.com if the bullish trend will continue in the PSI. And I hope it does so I can get profit.

    1. Thanks, LangBee01...but this is not always the case. Sometimes it goes down too and since we're following TRC SAM rules, we don't have to worry when it goes down.

      More Success and Happy Investing,
      Red @ Truly Rich Club Review


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