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Philippines Stock Exchange PSEi Index Marked Its 29th All-Time High This May 10 Morning Session

Down here below is another news about Philippines Stock Market this Friday, May 10 2013. It says we hit another record. Congratulation once again. Sana tuloy tuloy lang. We're about in the first half of the year 2013 and yet we already reached the 29th all-time high compare to last year 36 all-time-high records. 8000 here we come! 
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Here is the news, this one is from rappler.com. Check this now....

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) may be poised for another all-time high as it hit 7,222.04 on Friday, May 10. 
The PSEi continues to trade upward and has already reached 7,223.05 at 10:56 a.m. 
If the market continues gaining, it is possible for the market to post its 29th all-time high on Friday. 
The index pierced the 7,200 level 6 days ago when the country received its second investment grade rating from Standard & Poor's. 
The PSEi posted 36 all-time highs in 2012. - Source: Rappler.com

Below is a captured snapshot from Bloomberg.com. 7,262.38 as of May 10, 2013. The Philippines stock market 29th all-time high year 2013. 

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