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Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategy #176 Bo Sanchez Real Business [Nope, It’s Not Writing Or Speaking]

Hi, this is for you. Since you're not a member yet. (If you're a member already, please ignore. I am sure you also got this Wealth Strategy too.) This one is part of the Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategy #176 wherein Bo Sanchez shared his real business. Yes not Writing or Speaking. Please continue reading read below.

Before that. Let me share this. Normally, the Wealth Strategy is composed of the following: "From Bo’s Brain", Mentor's Advise, "TrulyRich Marketplace", Coming Events, MailBOX, and Bo' Last WORD. Here, I'd included the first part only, the "From Bo's Brain" acticles. 

I encourage you to be part of the Truly Rich Club to enjoy the whole benefits.

Now, here's the sample Wealth Strategy...

Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategy #176: My Real Business

Nope, It’s Not Writing Or Speaking

The recently concluded Bestselling Authors Bootcamp was phenomenal beyond words. (Sometimes, I make up my own words when the English language can’t describe what I want to say. So let me make up one now: It was kawabanggacious.)

Fifty wonderful people holed up in a hotel for four straight days. They were life coaches, housewives, doctors, entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, editors, office managers, all united with one dream: To write a book that will bless the world.

The energy in that room was electric. Every time I walked in, I could “smell” the passion of dreamers ready to launch their message to a hungry audience that’s waitib ng, begging on their knees, for inspiration and instruction.

The mentors in the Bootcamp, all brilliant and loving, were the best of the best: Alex Lacson, who grossed P1 million a year from his first book alone; Ardy Roberto, who sold 400,000 copies of his book; Larry Gamboa, with four books under his belt; Dean Pax Lapid, who talked about seeing your book as a business; Arun Gogna, on how to sell your book through speaking events; Sha Nacino, the eBook Queen, on how to publish through Amazon; Aileen Santos, the Life Coach to singles; Teresa Gumap-as, on how her book expanded her career as a
Corporate Trainor; Chay Santiago, the former editor of MOD magazine, on technical rules of writing; And Rissa Singson-Kawpeng, on how to write a bestselling book. 

Of course, I was there the entire time, doing what I do best. 

People ask me, “Bo, what’s your business?” Some guess it’s speaking, or writing, or publishing, or consultancy… They’re mistaken. All those activities are simply outward expressions of my real business.

My real business? Unleashing people towards their God-ordained dreams. I get a unique high when I do that. And at the Bestselling Authors Bootcamp, I unleashed 50 people towards their sacred mission in life.

Let me ask you: What gives you your unique high? What’s your God-ordained dream?

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

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