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Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club Stock Alert After The PSEi Plunged 442.57 points to 6,114.08 [06-13-13]

Just a month ago, May 15, 2013, the Philippines Stock Exchange Index reached the highest record in history, our 31st all-time-high record, when it reached 7,392.20. Now the market started to dive. The PSEi plunged 442.57 points to 6,114.08 this Thursday. Now what? What the heck is happening in the Philippine Stock Market. Well, the truth is I really don't know and for whatever reasons, I really don't care. 

Image source: http://www.bloomberg.com

Aaah ! by ... .. edeneo (edeneo)) on 500px.com
Aaah ! by ... .. edeneo

Here's Bo Sanchez' Truly Rich Club stock alert after the PSEi plunged 442.57 points to 6,114.08. I received this email at exactly 2:35 PM this Thursday, June 13, 2013. 

Date Received: June 13, 2013; 2:35 PM
Subject: Stock Alert: Halleluiah, Red Means Green!

Hi Red,

As you can imagine, I’m beyond happy.

The Stock Market went down even lower today, it’s soooooooo beautiful.

I’m giddy.  I’m ecstatic.

I feel like I just won the LOTTO.

I’m reminded again about how my wife must feel when she walks into a
gigantic Midnight Sale in Megamall.  And EVERYTHING is being sold for a

For Newbies: I know how you feel.  You look at your “losses” and are
crying.  You’re panicking now.  You feel depressed.  But I assure you, this
is all TEMPORARY.  Your Stocks, in a couple of weeks, will jump up again.
And you’ll be happy again.  The important thing is you try to keep buying
during times like these.   RED means GREEN!

I bought Stocks last week.  Today, the Stocks went down even lower.  Do I
feel bad?  NO. Because 10 to 20 years from now, these little blips DON’T
MATTER.  Now that the Stocks are even lower, I’m scrounging around, looking
for more cash to buy again.  (If I find out that I don’t have any cash left
to buy, I won’t be sad.  I’ll just wait for new income to come in and I’ll
buy at that time…)

I repeat: Your “paper losses” mean NOTHING.  Forget about it.

The key is to FOCUS on the “sale” prices offered at this time.

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

Here's related news from Rappler.com, "Stocks take cue from global markets, plunge 6.75%", read below: 

Don't worry, Invest happy. I believed in what April Lee-Tan said, "This is an opportunity to buy". cheap prices. 

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