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Truly Rich Club Big Blessing #4: Everyday, You Receive a "GodWhisper" From Me, Absolutely Free

Here's Bo Sanchez mentioned about this Big Blessing #4.

"This is so good, I’m betting this will be the favorite feature of being a TrulyRich Gold Member. I call it GodWhisper.  Every day, I’ll email you a very short, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, but always insightful personal message from God to you.  

It will be a treat for your soul.  I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to these GodWhispers.  For some people, I bet this alone is already worth their Gold Membership!  

Important Note: We do not claim Divine Authorship for the messages in GodWhispers. Please don't take them literally. Read GodWhispers as an art work, reflecting Bo's personal experience with God. Like anything else, it's not for everybody. Thousands love GodWhispers because they say it helps them grow in their relationship with God. But if it doesn't help you, or worse, offends you, we sincerely apologize. You may unsubscribe anytime. We thank you for trying us out. Blessings!

But wait a minute.  There are more blessings I want you to receive… "

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