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Why You Should Avoid Buy-and-Hold (And How I Found P88,887.68 in My Drawer)

I can't resist to share this to you. This is the latest Truly Rich Club Stock Update I received from Bro Bo Sanchez and Mike Vinas. Read and Share...

People kind of know me already as a conservative fellow when it comes to the stock market. In stock market trading websites, “Bo Sanchez” equals “boring.” They know I don’t dabble in penny stocks. Nor do I get too excited at IPOs. They know I focus only on gigantic “whale” companies.

But more than once, people came up to me and mistake me for a Buy-and-Hold guy. Let me correct that notion: I don’t like Buy-and-Hold.

Buy-and-Hold is what I did with my MPI (Metro Pacific) stock.
In 1999, I wasn’t yet into the stock market. (Edward Lee hadn’t walked into my life yet something that would happen only in 2007.) But my brother-in-law Bobby worked for Metro Pacific. And he told me, “Bo, buy our stock. It’s going to fly!”

He never told me why MPI would fly. But just the thought that I would earn buckets of cash when it flies was enough for me to plunk down my hard-earned cash. Even if I didn’t know anything about MPI or the stock market as a whole. (I know many of you can relate—you also did this insanity before the TrulyRich Club, yes?)

In 1999, I was a pauper. A married missionary living in a rented apartment and driving my Dad’s car. Because I spent my money for my wedding the year before, I had next to nothing. But for that stock purchase, I was able to forage P35,000.

I bought 16,000 shares at P2.16.
The following year, I sank.

I filed the Stocks Certificate in my drawer.
And that was it. I totally forgot about it.

Until last month. I was searching for something in my room, so I had to do my seasonal general cleaning a bit early.

And voila—I found the old MPI Stocks Certificate.

After 14 years.

That’s what you call Buy-and-Hold.
Today, it’s worth P88,887.68

In 14 years, I earned P54T.

Not bad.

Until I compare this if I did an Averaging Method instead of a Buy-and-Hold Method. What if I just invested a measly P1000 each month for the past 14 years? (Hey, if I could afford P35,000 in one plop—I could have afforded to invest P1,000 a month!) At 12 percent growth per year, my money would be P435,000 today!

Do you want to have P88T or P435T?

You choose.
Please avoid Buy-and-Hold.
Use our beloved Strategic Averaging Method, what I believe to be the most powerful investing tool in the world.

May your dreams come true,

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