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COL Financial President and CEO Dino Bate Stock Market Investing Tips For The Digital Age

COL Financial is the largest and fastest online stock broker in the Philippines today. To know more about stock investing and COL Financial, you may watch this YouTube video below and learn Stocks Tips for the Digital Age with Dino Bate.

Conrado “Dino” Bate is the President and CEO of COL Financial, the #1 Online Stock Broker in the Philippines. 
Let me share you this short video from rappler.com. In this video, Sir Dino Bate explains the importance of these steps in stocks investing in the Philippines. It's easy as 1.2.3. He also mentioned some stocks investing tips.

STEP 1. Invest small amount that works for you.
STEP 2. Invest in what you know.
STEP 3. Start NOW. Time in money. 

Stock Investing Tips:
1. Invest Regularly. It takes discipline to follow this simple tips.
2. Invest in Good quality companies. 
3. Diversify. Buy at least 3 to 5 stocks.

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  1. Thanks for Sharing information Get Daily stock tips, Nifty future tips by Experts

  2. I would like to add one more tip. If you want to increase your earnings as much as possible you should take the time to develop a plan for long-term investments. It be definitely profitable for you.

  3. It is just a matter of getting started and arming yourself with all the knowledge you need to begin stock market investment.


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