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Philippine Stock Market Is Falling, Dont Panic...Still The "BESTEST" Time To Get In!

Just two days ago I stumbled upon this online news site manilastandardtoday.com, saying "Stock market may drop below 6,000". In the news, BDO Unibank Inc. chief market strategist Jonathan Ravelas said, "Philippine Stock Exchange index might drop to as low as 5,650 points, if it broke the 6,000 psychological level.... Chartwise, the index tested the 6,000 level and fell below the 200-day moving average. A break below 6,000 may signal further losses toward the 5,650 to 5,800 levels,” 

Two days later. It happened. How's that? We're now at 5738.06 level. But like we always say, we really don't care. We at the Truly Rich Club are standing in the shoulder of giants anyways. We'll keep Investing until we reach there. 

I remember what bro. Bo Sanchez had said in his newsletter for the Truly Rich Club members (and still non-members)... "Now Is The “BESTEST” Time To Get In". Really. This is the best time to get in, take advantage of this down market. 

Image captured from http://www.bloomberg.com/quote/PCOMP:IND/chart

Today the PSEi closed to 5,738.06. Let me show you this latest news from bloomberg.com news, please read below:

Philippine Stocks Slump to Eight-Month Low Amid Outflows Concern

"Philippine stocks tumbled for a second day, sending the benchmark index to the lowest level in eight months, amid concern that capital outflows will accelerate. The peso fell to the lowest level in almost three years.

The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PCOMP) dropped 3 percent to 5,738.06 at the close in Manila. The gauge earlier slumped as much as 6 percent to its lowest intraday level since Nov. 26. SM Investments Corp. (SM), owner of the largest shopping-mall operator and biggest grocery chain, slid 7.5 percent to the lowest since October. Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), the nation’s biggest builder, sank 4.7 percent to the lowest level since December.

The PSE index has fallen 14 percent this month, poised for the steepest loss since October 2008, amid concerns that reduced U.S. Federal Reserve stimulus will spur capital outflows and local protests over discretionary government budgets will slow state spending. Foreign investors have sold a net $219 million of Philippine shares in August after buying $1.6 billion this year through July. Global equities retreated this week on speculation the U.S. will take military action against Syria." - bloomberg.com

We don't panic, we just keep on doing what is supposed to be done on this market. 

I few hours ago, I received this newsletter from Bro Bo. This is strictly to all members only, but since I love you, as my avid reader (I am referring to this Truly Rich Club review blog site subscribers..Thanks you).

Here's the exact message I got:

Hi Red,

I'm NOT sighing because of what’s happening to the Stock Market.

The total opposite: I'm singing Hallelujah.  I love the BLOODBATH that
happened yesterday and is happening today.  These are glorious days.  If
you keep buying each month at these beautiful LOW prices, YOU WILL BE

Nothing is wrong with the companies you’re buying.  Stocks have gone down
because of INTERNATIONAL reasons.  So they will bounce back.  And the
longer they stay down, the better it is for you.

So why am I sighing?  Because yesterday, a friend told me, "Bo, my cousin
is in panic mode.  She feels that she'll lose all her money in the Stocks.
She said she’s pulling out all her money now…"

I asked, "Oh no.  That is utter madness.  Is your cousin a TrulyRichClub

"No", she answered.

No wonder.  Now you know why I'm sighing.  I believe there are many people
like her who jumped into the Stock Market without the rock solid guidance
that you're receiving from me.   If you know of people who are investing in
the Stock Market -- whether in TRC or not -- just tell them to chill. 
Relax.  There's nothing wrong with their investments!

Keep buying Stocks, future multimillionaire!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez


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