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Attention: The Stock Market Has Risen A Lot, Making All Those Who Followed My Guidance And Invested Last Year Veeeeeeeery Happy…

Happy New Year! I can't resist but to share this specially for you. 

I encourage you to attend this learning opportunity. If you're one of the thousands subscribers of Bo Sanchez, and haven't attended and haven't started stock market investing yet, this year is your time to learn (muna), invest in yourself. Invest in your knowledge and education then test the water and apply what you have to learn this year 2015.  

Now! Read below and check the details here, click here

Do You Want To Be Equally Veeeeeeeery Happy Next Year Too? 
Start Investing NOW…

Join Bo Sanchez’
How To Make Millions In The Stock Market  
“Live” Seminar on February 7, 2015
8:00am to 12noonnoon

It’s unnerving.
Being hugged by total strangers in malls and sidewalks.
But they’re not really total strangers.
They’re people who started investing last year—because of the guidance they get from meWithout warning, they run or walk up to me and hug me like I was some long lost loving Uncle they haven’t seen for 15 years.
They tell me, “Brother Bo, my stocks grew!  Thank you!”
But as a Long-Term investor, I’m always a contrarian.  So after I hug them back, I tell them, “You’re happy for the wrong reasons.”
They ask, “Why?”  (Clearly, they’re new students and not yet sufficiently brainwashed by my philosophy.)
I shake my head.  “I’m actually sad every time the market goes up.  Because it’s more difficult to buy…”
They ask, “So what are the right reasons to be happy?”
I smile.  “Be happy because you’re disciplined and getting wiser in Stock Market investing…” (Which reminds me of my maid, who now has P778,655, and my other maid who has P597,184 in their stock investments.  Both of them are the subject of my book, My Maids Invest In The Stock Market And Why You Should Too.)
Friend, it’s now your turn.  Change your financial future.
Be veeeeeeery happy next year by investing in the Stock Market THIS YEAR.  It’s not too late. You can begin now!
Join me in my How To Make Millions In The Stock Market on February 7, 2015, 8:00am to 12noonn in PICC (pre-registration through email is required).
       At the end of the seminar, if you don’t have a stock broker yet, you can open a ColFinancialaccountthe #1 stock broker in the country.  My team will also guide you—one step at a time—how to operate their website and buy your first stock!
       Warning: The last time I gave this seminar, it was over-booked.  We couldn’t accommodate everyone who wanted to come in.  I suggest that if you’re serious in learning to invest in the Stock Market, click the link below:

       May your dreams come true,

       Bo Sanchez

PS. Sorry, this isn’t a quick-rich scheme.  I’m going to teach you how to be wealthy over time.     To sign up for my How To Make Millions In The The Stock Market, click the link below:

Yes Bo, Tell Me More About February 7 Seminar

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The Truly Rich Club is an online private membership group founded by Bo Sanchez. It’s called “Truly Rich” because the subscribers are taught not only to be financially free and wealthy, but also how to be blessed in ALL areas of life: whether in the relationships, career, spirituality, health, and of course in financial life.

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More Success and Happy Investing,

PS.  YOU, yes YOU! Just in case you have not read this yet, Read this now... 21 Reasons and Benefits Why I SUBSCRIBED To The Truly Rich Club and Why YOU Should Too  a lot of people also commented on this review, you can read their comments too. Thanks and God bless.

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