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From All the Countries in the World, the Philippines Will Benefit the Most from Lower Oil Prices. Yipeee!

Hey, this letter is from Bo Sanchez.... 

"I’m sure you’ve noticed that gas prices are now super low.

This is a global phenomenon. Last June 2013, crude oil was selling at $100 a barrel. As late as September 2013, it was $80 a barrel. Today, it’s selling at $45 a barrel.

This is the reason why fund managers across the globe are pouring money into the Philippine Stock Market. 
In January, foreigners added $509 Million into our markets; but in the same month, foreigners withdrew an average of $370 Million from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Reason: According to many experts, out of all the nations of the world, the Philippines will benefit the most from low oil prices. Why? Because we import almost all of our oil. The extra cash we save will increase consumer spending, which will boost our economy. In contrast, Malaysia—being the only major oil producer in Asia—has already lowered its economic targets. Thailand has done the same, partly due to the military junta. Indonesia’s economy has seen the slowest growth in the past five years.

Barring any crazy local politics or international crisis, I believe TrulyRichClub members will be very happy with their investments in 2015."

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