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[TrulyRichClub Wealth Summit 2015] Listen To KAREN DAVILA share on “My Secrets Of Success”

From the Founder of the TrulyRichClub, Bo Sanchez, please read...

In the past years, I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times on TV.   Being interviewed is now just one of the normal things I do—like brushing my teeth.
But NOT when Karen Davila interviews me.
When I get a call from Karen, I get excited.   Why? 
First of all, she’s such a beautiful person—inside and out.   (Media and fame has not changed her one bit—she’s such a warm and sweet person.) 
Second, I can tell you now that she’s one of the best interviewers in the country.  Her incisive questions bring out the best in me.   And every time she interviews me, I feel I like know myself more!
And third, I just love chatting about life with her because I get inspired by her stories.
Which is one of the reasons why Karen Davila is one of the 21 fantastic speakers at the WEALTH SUMMIT 2015 on March 6-7 in PICC.  Her talk is simply called, My Secrets To Success.

I know you’ll be inspired as she shares very candidly the kind of work ethic (and the insane schedule) she maintains to be able to reach her position today as one of the top broadcasters in the country—and yet still be a fantastic wife to DJ and loving mother to David and Lucas.
At the WEALTH SUMMIT 2015, I asked her to share also with you her financial habits that made her grow her money.  (In my books, I teach people to save at least 20% of their income every month; She tells me she does something crazier; In her talk, she’ll share her amusing stories of being “matipid”.)
Finally, Karen is also a follower of Jesus and she’ll share her message from a deeply-held faith perspective.
To be inspired by Karen Davila—as well as the other 21 amazing Speakers at the WEALTH SUMMIT 2015—click the link below:

Or you may also call up Aps at Tel. 5856577

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

PS. By February 20, ticket prices go up.  Get them while they are still discounted.  Enjoy big savings.  Click the link below.  (Or call Aps at Tel. 5856577 for assistance.)

- End of Bro Bo Sanchez, invitation.

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