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The Five (5) Virtues That Will Make YOU a Great Investor Starting Today [Truly Rich Club Insider's Revelation]

A lot of people think winning in the stock market just requires technical knowledge. That’s not true. You need character. You need spirituality. To be multimillionaire investors, you need these five powerful virtues:

1. Patience

Impatience causes you to make very bad decisions. When you’re impatient with your child, you scream and say to him, “You’re so stupid! You’re so foolish!” Words that you’ll regret later.

In the same way, when you become impatient with your stock market earnings, you make bad decisions too. You fall prey to “tips” that your friend or neighbor gives to you.

Be patient! If you keep investing each month following SAM, in due time, you’ll become a multimillionaire.

2. Gratitude

You might hear your office mate earning hundreds of thousands from a penny stock.

It’s very tempting to put your money in crazy stocks that go up 30 percent in one day!

But my stock market guru says, “Don’t envy these gambler-traders. Their aggressive strategy guarantees that they’ll lose it all in one day.”

Here’s a fact: They will lose their money as fast as they got it.

Be grateful with your small but steady earnings in the stock market.

3. Discipline

A few people are getting bored with my advice.

But the boring investments are where you win. Discipline means being boring as the sun. The sun is up every morning. How boring can you get?

But that’s how multimillionaires are made.

Each month, invest your small amounts in our giants.

That’s it!

4. Simplicity

Some people who earn money in the stock market withdraw their money and buy a new cellphone, iPad, car...

Believe me, you’ll never grow your retirement fund if you keep doing this.

Live simply. You’ve heard people say, “Live within your means.” That’s not enough. You need to live below your means, so you can grow your millions for your retirement.

Be happy with simple things.

5. Love

Why desire to create wealth?

Do it because you love. Do it because you want to share your wealth to others. Do it because you have a dream to serve God.

Greed may make you wealthy, but you’ll never be happy.

(Above article is written by Bo Sanchez, founder of the growing Financial Mentoring Club, The Truly Rich Club.)

To give you more about the news insight about Stock Market in the Philippines, below is an article from Philistar.com.

Philippine stocks hit new record high

"The country’s local stock index accelerated the pace of its growth following two consecutive days of moderate gains as it barreled its way through its 18th all-time high for the year.

The Philippine Stock Exchange index yesterday returned above the 7,800 territory for its third-day winning streak after climbing 0.92 percent or 71.32 points at 7,847.83.

The benchmark index’ record intraday high of 7,862.91 posted last February 25, however, remained unbeaten.

“Share prices got off to a rather jittery start to the mid-week session as US and Europe tumbled overnight and ahead of the inflation report on Thursday,” said Justino Calaycay Jr.

“As the session progressed, however, investors were able to muster enough confidence to push the measure past the latest all-time closing high, moving practically flat thenceforth,” Calaycay said.

Local stocks bucked the downtrend seen markets globally. Asian shares were mostly in the red in anticipation of the upcoming central bank meetings."

Source: philstar.com/business

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