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Truly Rich Investors' SECRET: When It Comes to Investing in the Stock Market, Only One Thing Matters...

Let me share you this old article from the Truly Rich Club. I said old because I received this March of 2011, but don't worry, the lesson still applies today or even in the future, please read... 

“Bo, I was already afraid of the effects of Egypt and Libya on the stock market. And then the earthquake in Japan happens! I’m so worried about the stock market! What do you think will happen?” A friend had asked me this question.
Here’s my honest answer: I don’t know! And I say that with a smile on my face. In fact, I don’t think any human being out there really knows what will happen next. Will the uprisings in Saudi increase? Will Europe and the US recover from their recession this year? No one knows.

Yes, there’ll be a few people who will pretend to know. But in reality, all they can do—despite all the Ph.D’s behind their name—is guess.

If you were a trader, you should be worried that no one knows. In fact, you should be so nervous, you’d be pulling out all your money from the stock market and digging your head in the sand.

But you’re not a trader.You’re a long-term investor. If that’s the case, you should be thinking of only one thing. (I’ll tell you what that one thing is in a minute.) Forget what’s happening in Egypt, Libya, and Japan. (Pray for them, yes. But don’t let these events affect your monthly stock market investments.)

After 10 or 20 years of putting your small amounts of money each month into our recommended giant companies, I repeat: There’s really only one thing that should influence your buying or selling of stocks.  And that one thing is what you’re going to look at, crisis or no crisis, tsunami or no tsunami, meltdown or no meltdown.

You see, traders look at a thousand factors. They look at the political situation in the Middle East, calamities in Japan, oil prices going up or down, US dollar depreciation, China’s economic growth, President’s Aquino’s love life… Okay, that last item is a joke. (But who knows? Traders look at everything.) But investors?

They simply look at one thing alone. What is that? Company earnings. Period.

We ask, “Are my favorite giant companies earning big money? And what’s the probability that they’ll continue to earn big money for the next 10 years?”

Interested about Stock Market in the Philippines? He're the latest news, PSEi ended the week at 8,127.48, up by 74.79 points or 0.93% this Friday.

PSEi rebounds, ends week at 8,127.48

"The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) ended the week at 8,127.48, up by 74.79 points or 0.93% on Friday. The all-shares index gained 25.28 points or 0.55% to 4,635.38.

Gainers edged out losers 101 to 85, while 45 issues were unchanged. 

On Wednesday, the PSEi broke its seven-day rally on profit taking, dropping 45.99 points or 0.57% to close at 8,052.69. The all-shares index also lost 18.69 points or 0.40% to settle at 4,610.10."

Source: bworldonline.com

SE Asia Stocks - Philippine at record high, outperforms on week

"The Philippine main index hit a record closing high on Friday, posting its fourth consecutive weekly gains, while Thai shares retreated after ending higher in
the previous session as investors cut risk holdings ahead of a long market holiday.

Philippine composite index, which measures moves of 30 large caps, ended up 0.93 percent at 8,127.48, above the 8,098.68 record close hit on April 7. It was up 1.7 percent on the week, among Southeast Asia's outperformers.

Investors built positions in large caps ahead of first-quarter results due out in coming weeks, said brokers in
Manila. Ayala Land, Metropolitan Bank & Trust and SM Prime Holdings were actively traded.
In Bangkok, shares moved in a tight range, with the key SET index ending 0.2 percent lower. Profit-taking hit banking shares, led by a 0.8 percent fall in Krung Thai Bank after a 1.3 percent rise on Thursday.
The Thai stock market will be closed from April 13-15 to celebrate the country's new year while banks will kick off a quarterly reporting season from late next week.

 Market                    Current            Prev Close    Pct Move
 Singapore             3468.49           3460.30       +0.24 
 Kuala Lumpur       1841.42           1849.39       -0.43
 Bangkok                1543.89          1545.11       -0.08
 Jakarta                   5473.68          5500.90       -0.52
 Manila                    8127.48           8052.69       +0.93

 Ho Chi Minh           554.03              550.52       +0.64"

Source: reuters.com

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